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But we haven't seen Beth filming, yet I don't think she's dead. More like gone or something. Do you have any opinion about that? I personally doubt they're going to kill her off but they can't keep her either, she's still pretty useless for the plot, she will probably find "hope" in another group. What do you think?

I don’t see why they wouldn’t kill her off. anyone can be killed off. she’s no different? I mean that’s what they do, SG said he likes to make people care about the characters before he kills them off, he did that with her by pairing her with the fan favourite.

I know people will say “they wouldn’t do that storyline it’s too much like Andrea’s” well there’s only so many storylines you can do in a show like this where death is inevitable. also it isn’t the same as Andrea’s story bc Andrea was chased by the gov, caught and then trapped with a walker. they could do the same sort of plot but a different version.

they have to keep kill count up and they can’t risk the characters that have been there from the beginning, in my opinion, the viewers have made a connection with them, as they would have maggie (she had a big storyline and part in the show from s2) and michonne, even though she’s been in it a season less than B, she’s still more cared about because she’s been a huge part. B only got development in 4, mostly 4b. for most people, it’s too little too late, they care more for the people who have been there from the start or who have been developed better and earlier. enough people will care about her dying now to make an impact, but it wouldn’t be as big of an impact on the show as say, Rick, carl, daryl, Carol or Glenn etc. the general public probably won’t care that she’s shipped with daryl because most casual viewers simply do not care about her and that won’t change bc of a romance (which might not even blossom and was basically just 2 episodes)

if they don’t kill her off and she meets up with them in Washington, i fear for the show, it’s unrealistic enough that they’d find her now, let alone in another state. I wouldn’t put it past them though.

I don’t think she’s dead, and I don’t think she’ll leave the group unless she’s never reunited with team prison, which I don’t think will happen. I also don’t know if they’d let her not be in the show without a death because it will be the same as the “is Morgan coming back” sort of questions every season.

I don’t know if it’s too predictable for her to die because, well, this show is extremely predictable. most deaths have been expected and not a shock. I don’t think who they kill is as much excitement as how they kill.

I mean personally for me, I care more for characters like tyreese, sasha, bob, tara, rosita and abraham than her, and I think that could be the same for people outside of the online community and shipping community, because we saw a lot more from them from the get go than we did B.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore, I’ve rambled on too much haha



Okay I have 2 ask for you... When the other ship says that Carol will sacrifice herself for B*thyl couldn't the same be said about Caryl? That B*th could sacrifice herself for Caryl? Also they claim that the "Daryl has feelings for B*th" thing on AMC's website is legit then couldn't we say that the pic that shows up for Caryl for Season 5 on that website is great for us? (Yes AMC and everybody are trolls) Just thought of this every point seems fair to me.

each fandom is gonna argue that what they have is legit

Both will jump in to defence mode because they want what they want, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I mean be excited, sure, but make sure you’re not celebrating too much and rubbing it in people’s faces when there’s no need

because when you look at facts, that AMC website thing amounts to nothing. it means nothing. you can’t claim it means it’s “canon” and “100% happening” when the same website says Hershel shot carl (along with another known mistake and probably some others too) and we know that Hershel shooting carl wasn’t canon, so how can one thing that’s speculation be canon bc of the website, but the other thing not be?

I get the excitement and I have to admit it it was rickyl I’d be exited too…at first. but when you actually apply logic, and get over the initial excitement, it means nothing. the person writing it is not a writer, they’re not a producer, they’re not high up on the food chain, he/she probably has no idea what’s happening because he/she can’t even get basic facts right. I don’t know much about this sort of thing and I could be wrong, but these people aren’t getting what to write from tptb

another fact is, MMB and NR have been filming together, they’ve been spotted together, they have promo pics together whereas for the other side, EK has barely been seen filming, let alone with NR. how can a romance blossom when they’re not even filming together?

Now I’m not saying b**thyl is/isn’t happening, same as I can’t say if Caryl is/isn’t happening. I have no idea what’s going to happen. All I know is that people who’ve been tracking filming haven’t seen EK since july (I think around episode 6/7 maybe?) (also please don’t believe the hype that she’s being hidden with tinted windows and limos. no one has ever been hidden (in fact people who tracked filming guessed Hershel was dead) because there’s no need to hide anyone. the number of viewers is so big and the online fandom is a small portion of that, and the people who track filming an ever smaller portion, they won’t make effort to hide someone when the fact is that most people who tune in still have no idea what’s going on and who’s been filming etc. and she hasn’t even been in Georgia much at all really) and that MMB and NR have been seen filming together or at least on set or at base.

I don’t even think a relationship for daryl is on the cards in s5. It’s been said it will, it’s been said it won’t. the writers WILL troll because daryl is fan favourite and they won’t spoil something that big.

this post went off topic

the point is. be happy and excited about things. you can be happy about the AMC character profiles if you’re a b**thyl fan, you can be happy about the promo pictures if you’re a Caryl fan, just don’t get too over excited and end up appearing obnoxious and rude because you’ve decided it’s canon :)


i still can’t believe they confirmed that it was in fact hershel that shot carl ://

and don’t fight me on this it was on the website therefore it’s a FACT okay!!!!11!!!

l8 to the party but dude im a hardcore richonne shipper and i even agree that rick cares more abt daryl than abt michonne, i have no idea how that's racist its just a fact lmao


can’t argue with facts


"Rick takes care of everyone else and Daryl takes care of him."


"Rick takes care of everyone else and Daryl takes care of him."

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - (2/3)